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Children of the Sun

Online screening and Zoom webinar with Yonatan Nir & Director Ran Tal

The film will be available on this page from Thursday, June 13, 8 PM, until Wednesday, June 19, 10 AM (Israel time)*

*The live Zoom webinar will be held on Sunday, June 16, at 8 PM Israel, 1 PM ET.
*The Zoom webinar recording will be available on this page.


If you need support, contact us at

press on "play" button to start the film

"Children of the Sun" will be available here starting from June 13, 8 PM Israel, 1 PM ET

press on the corner button for full screen

 Zoom Webinar - starting at 8:00 PM Israel, 1 PM ET, June 16

Webinar means that we and the other participants can't see you. You will be able to communicate via chat.

No password or meeting ID is required.

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